Naomi Antinarelli

 Certified Massage Therapist 

 Trained Birth and Full Spectrum Doula

Sound Healing and Music Integration

Pelvic Steaming Facilitator 

Bachelors in Environmental Studies 

Naomi has experience in various healing modalitites that they have used in their own human journey and now is able to assit and support others in theirs.  They are dedicated to co-creating a more healed world through practices such as decolonial frameworks for healing, body & womb connection, meditation, movement therapy, sound healing, herbal wisdom, menstruation awareness, aromatherapy and massage therapy. Naomi is dedicated to social and environmental health justice in their studies as well as in their advocacy work. They are passionate about the intersections of environmental health, social justice,  health-care and  spiritual wellbeing. 

Naomi is a certified massage therapist with over 600 hours of training and several years of serving clients with chronic pain, pelvic floor health challenges, injuries, and wellness needs.  

Their journey led to birthwork and fullspectrum reproductive  support for people during all phases of life and/or reproductive health experiences. This includes supporting pregnancy and birth planning, attending birth, supporting partners and parents through chilbirth, providing services during postpartum period, and being a parent companion throughout the adjustment time with a new baby. 
As a Doula, massage therapist, mixed-indigenous person, sound healer and plant herbalism enthusiast, Naomi is guided by intuitive healing in dedication to the health and liberation of all.